D'Italiano - Tenor Takeover

Comms Strategy / Digital / Social

Bread dreams are made of these

We were engaged to help revitalize the D'Italiano bread brand. The brand had gottten a little stale over the years, so we helped them launch a new brand platform that brought the passion of Italy into the everyday. The following case study covers the capstone execution of this brand relaunch, the Tenor Takeover. 

The Insight

Bread has a bit of a PR problem. Its gotten a bit of a bad rap as an unhealthy choice, blamed for a plethora of society ills. But bread is delicious, and carbs are ever-present whenever we celebrate and come together. Bread needed to be reframed from the enemy of diets to the sidekick of happiness. 

Insight: Carbs can't be the bad guy, since he's invited to many of life's good celebrations

The Strategy

[BUSINESS PROBLEM] D'Italiano is experiencing sales decline in light of current diet trends

[CONSUMER PROBLEM] Problem is bread lovers are reducing their carb intake because its 'bad for you'

[INSIGHT] However, Carbs can't be the bad guy, since he's invited to many of life's good celebrations

[SOLUTION] We need to encourage bread lovers to live life unapologetically large like Italians

[CONSUMER GOAL] So they can indulge in the goodness of bread guilt-free

[BUSINESS GOAL] Helping to regain lost market share

The Idea

Have Italian opera singers elevate bread tweets, into bread operas.

The Comms Strategy


For one day only, we took over the YouTube Masthead nationwide and repurposed it as the digital stage for our Italian tenors. Our Masthead was integrated with Twitter, which invited viewers to submit their tweets about bread for a chance to be sung live in real-time. 

I developed the digital strategy that made this execution run smoothly, orchestrating the user journey that was responsible for maximizing social engagement and user generated content that could fuel a livestream for an entire day. 


The Results

  1. Part of campaign that contributed to a 7% increase in market share 

  2. 33M impressions reaching 5M Canadians

  3. 25,000 hours time spent watching this 1-day broadcast

The Results

Media Innovation Award (Gold)
CMA Awards (Silver)
Strategy AToMiC (Bronze)

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